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Tracing back the radiance.

A journey with ShantiMayi and the Sacha Sangha. along the holy river Ganga, visiting the ashrams of the Sacha Lineage. India, January, 1999. (2 DVD)

€30/$33 D14

Everything is for your Awakening

Satsang with ShantiMayi

May 18, 1998 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


€20/$22 D13

The Etherial Flower

Satsang with ShantiMayi in Her garden.

February 21, 1998 India.


€20/$22 D12

Living out of the Center of your Heart

Satsang with ShantiMayi - February 19 1998 India.


€20/$22 D11

The Love that fills the Sky

Satsang with ShantiMayi - January 12, 1998 India.


€20/$22 D10

Maya. The Dreamlike Nature of Life

Satsang with ShantiMayi - January 10, 1998 India

ShantiMayi speaks on the Lankavatara Sutra about the three qualities of awakening and other subjects.

€20/$22 D09

"Your Self is All there is"

In February 1998, ShantiMayi invited the Sacha Sangha to a pilgrimage through the Indian Himalayas. On this DVD, you may travel along and share these precious steps.

€20/$22 D08

Right in the Center of the Eye

Satsang with ShantiMayi - January 1996 India.


€20/$22 D07

The Cosmic Dance of Shiva

The three Lords of existence: Brahma the creator,

Vishnu the maintainer

Shiva the destroyer

€20/$22 D06

Turning the World back to God

Interview with Maharajji

ShantiMayi's Quest

Visit to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

€20/$22 D05

The River Ganga Sutra

ShantiMayi speaks about the blessings of the holy river Ganga (Ganges) for this planet and especially in her own life.


€20/$22 D04

Five Gurus High. The Sacha Lineage of Gurus

This video shows all the dimensions of the mystery of the Master - disciple relation.

€20/$22 D03

The Bee and the Lotus

Satsang and a beautiful Christmas celebration with ShantiMayi’s Master Swami Hans Raj Maharajji.

€20/$22 D02

The Embrace

In this DVD ShantiMayi is interviewed by Kali, and many issues are covered such as: gradual or direct awakening, devotion, wisdom, Buddhism & Hinduism or why any "ism"?

€20/$22 D01


Worldwide there are 2 DVD/TV/Video systems NTSC for America and Japan and PAL for Europe and most other countries.

All the above listed videos are available in PAL and NTSC. We will send you the right DVD for your country.

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Reecent DVD's from 2006-12 on (Only in PAL)






Power of Wisdom
Satsangh with ShantiMayi, Dec 12, 2006, SachaDham, India
20 D15

You are already complete
Satsangh with ShantiMayi, Dec 15, 2006, SachaDham, India



Who has no fear
Satsangh with ShantiMayi, Jan 2, 2007, SachaDham, India



BEING what you ARE
Satsangh with ShantiMayi, Jan 10, 2007, SachaDham, India


Openness Willingness Possibility
Satsangh with ShantiMayi May 3, 2007,

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

20 D19


Maharajji’s Message
Christmas 2006
New Year’s Day 2007
Tobacco tie prayers

10 D20

Presence is Boundless
Satsangh with ShantiMayi May 4, 2007,

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

20 D21

Satsangh with ShantiMayi May 6, 2007,

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

20 D22

Satsangh with ShantiMayi May 7 2007,

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

20 D23

SACHA stupa inauguration and initiation
at Sacha Kutir on the island of Fyn in Denmark, 9/9/2007
20 D24





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