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Spiritual Music: Mantras & Bhajans


Chanting whole-heartedly brings instant healing.
By "healing" is meant a wholeness, holiness.
There is such a healing place in every one,
it is called The Heart beating in harmony

with the One Universal Heartbeat in all of existence' appearances,

 eternally, from beginning less time, as itself.

Here you come home...truly and peacefully.
The chanting of mantras and bhajans (devotional songs),

alone or in a group,

is the most potent medication/meditation for healing yourself and others.

It is time NOW.
The Buddha said: 'Be a light unto yourself!'


For more information: see also Jivanjili's website: Mantras


Most of the CDs have a booklet

with the text and the translation or explanation of the Mantras.

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