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D01-D14 (till 2006)


  Tracing back the radiance

A journey with ShantiMayi and the Sacha Sangha. along the holy river Ganga,

visiting the ashrams of the Sacha Lineage. India, January, 1999.


This wonderful double DVD is more an historical document than a particular teaching.


Order code D14

(2 DVD video)

DVD 1: ‘ThAT’ Ocean of Devotion. Playing time 1hr17
• Visit to the Sacha ashram of Sri Kulanandji Sacha Baba, the Master of Sri Maharajji (who is the Master of Sri ShantiMayi).
• A boat trip to the Magh Mela, a gathering of millions of pilgrims at the banks of the holy river Ganga (Ganges).
• Visit to the Maha Samadhi of Sri Kulanandji Sacha Baba.

• Visit to Kacha Baba kutir, a peaceful place outside of Varanasi.
• An impressing view of this very ancient and holy city, followed by a boat trip to two Maha Samadhis: one of Sri Kacha Baba and one of Sri Giri Nari Baba.
• Here we will have a deep and heart-touching satsang with ShantiMayi.
• This boat trip ends with a profound visit to the burning ghats in Varanasi by night.

DVD 2: The Transmission. Playing time 0h47
In this unique satsang in Varanasi, ShantiMayi covers in depth the miracle and the blessings of transmission of energy. ShantiMayi speaks also on other subjects, such as: Those Great Beings, who have inspired her.
Her Master Hans Raj Maharajji has been the light of her life, the greatest inspiration and the most powerful love of her life.


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Everything is for your Awakening

Satsang with ShantiMayi - May 18, 1998 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Playing time 1h20

Order code D13

ShantiMayi speaks on the three qualities of awakening:

1) To see the egoless-ness of all things.

2) To see the ephemeral, dreamlike quality of life.

3) To give up your split, discriminating mind.

Any of this three qualities seen spontaneously (by grace) or by process (learning) will also ignite the other qualities.


ShantiMayi speaks further about:

- The mantra Om Purnamadah... (This is perfect...)

- You are always what you are seeking.

- Silence is a very good Master.

- Karma.

- To see in difficult times that grace is in your life.

- The meaning of a spiritual name.

- Learning so much by observing your Master.

- The need for a living Master and taking one teaching.

- The great relation between Guru and disciple that leaves all sense of duality behind.

- Let nothing disturb your self-realization.

- Everything is for your awaking.

- Learning from a child.


Also available on CD: Three point intensive

Set of three CDs: ShantiMayi speaks on Lankavatara Sutra

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The Love that fills the Sky

Satsang with ShantiMayi - January 12, 1998 India.


Playing time 1h22

Order code D10

ShantiMayi talks on:

-The love that fills the sky, all of space and is always present.

-Love burns everything away.

-That what you are, is always untouched.

-How not to react in situations: just remain in the heart.

-You will have to come to a space, where nothing can disturb you.

-Seeing God in everything.

-Grace working in your life. The three kinds of grace.


It is grace that brings you into that insightful moment, when you say: "Yes, now this is my challenge", rather then: "I am beaten down again".

Grace is the one that always turns the view to something very useful.

When your self-concern has just drained out of you,

this is when grace is really blooming like a rose.



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Living out of the Center of your Heart

Satsang with ShantiMayi - February 19 1998 India.


Playing time 1h24

Order code D11

ShantiMayi speaks on:


-Living from the center of your heart.

-Knowing your True Nature.

-Witnessing versus being lost in thoughts.

-Life is your Guru, your Sadguru is in your heart.

-Bliss and enlightenment.

-Seeing things for what they truly are.

-Discarding old habit energy.


"If your sexuality is not connected to your heart, it is a useless expression.

And if your intuition is not connected to your heart, well this is impossible.

And if your speech is not connected to your heart, it is a shame".



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Maya. The Dreamlike Nature of Life

Satsang with ShantiMayi - January 10, 1998 India



Playing time 1h26

Order code D09

ShantiMayi speaks on the Lankavatara Sutra about

the three qualities of awakening:

1) To see the egoless ness in all things.

2) To see life for its dreamlike nature.

3) Letting go of the discriminating, split mind


Other subjects touched on this video:

- Four steps to awakening in the Indian culture.

- The difference between enlightenment and the raising of the Kundalini.

- Abiding in the I.

- Watching the mind, no identification.

- Difference between surrender and giving yourself away.


“Rumi said: "Before I see anything I see God". It is something to put in the pocket of your heart. One has to see harmony in all things, before one can truly see. Even chaos is a part of that harmony. And even ‘that’ which we think of as ego is a part of that. That pure conscious awareness swallows up all these identities completely.” ~ShantiMayi~


Also available on CD: Three point intensive

Set of three CDs: ShantiMayi speaks on Lankavatara Sutra

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The Etherial Flower

Satsang with ShantiMayi in Her garden - February 21, 1998 India.



Playing time 1h15

Order code D12

ShantiMayi speaks on:

-Being truly with a Master.

-How can a disciple be certain that the Master is fully realized?

-Realizing grace in your life.

-How to find trust in God, when you don't trust others.

-Everything in life is for you, nothing is against you.

-What to do in difficult situations, handling problems and pain.


Being with me doesn't mean that you have to be at my feet all the time. With me means that you are realizing your Self Nature and this is why you are here. Constantly realizing that what you really wish to understand is your true nature and that this is already there. That this doesn't have to be developed or sought after, you can't attain it. To truly be with the Master means to truly be with one's Self, one's own Master, one's inner Guru. One who is developing... towards his Mastership, not just hanging around.

"I AM my own authority, I AM my own Master and my Guru is always, always supporting it." ~ShantiMayi~

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"Your Self is All there is"

A pilgrimage with ShantiMayi through the Indian Himalayas, Feb. 1998.


In February 1998, ShantiMayi invited the Sacha Sangha to a pilgrimage through the Indian Himalayas. On this DVD, you may travel along and share these precious steps.

You will be introduced to ancient places. In India, sacred places are often located near the holy river Ganges like Rishikesh and Haridwar . Locations where two rivers meet, like in Devaprayag and Rudraprayag, are especially strong and worshipped.

In the midst of the Garhwal Himalayas we will also visit some famous temples and a have a satsang with ShantiMayi.


Playing time 1h27

Order code D08


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The Embrace

Interview with ShantiMayi


Playing time 1h01

Order code D01

ShantiMayi, a spiritual teacher born in America, attracts students from all over the world. ShantiMayi travels ceaselessly, and she stays also with Her Master Maharajji in Sacha Dham, India, where this interview takes place. ShantiMayi brings us to an embrace of all Ways to God.


".....Some say (when referring to realization) that there is nothing to be done. You can work on it or not... However, as long as you are troubled or suffering a sense of separation, you remain attached to your opinions and/or projections.

If you continue to harbor resentment and/or expectation, if you compare yourself with others... then... there is something you can do to bring the light of awareness into cloudy uncertain areas of your life”


In this DVD ShantiMayi is interviewed by Kali, and many issues are covered such as: gradual or direct awakening, devotion, wisdom, Buddhism & Hinduism or why any "ism"?

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The Cosmic Dance of Shiva

The three Lords of existence:

Brahma the creator

Vishnu the maintainer

Shiva the destroyer


Playing time 1h07

Order code D06

The three visible and invisible qualities, which seem to bring forth the appearance, the illusion, we call life. Why do we say that life is an illusion? Because it has the characteristic of being created, maintained and destroyed in all of its aspects eternally. It is the Shiva quality in us that begins to question: "Who am I, really? Is there something which is eternal within me?" It is the Shiva in all of us, that delivers us (by way of grace and unconditional love) into the silent and subtle realization that we are in essence, what we are searching for.

Shiva is the destroyer, the destroyer of ignorance.

Shakti, Shiva's consort, is the dance of life, she is the emergence, the form and movement, she is the energy, the illusion itself. Shiva and Shakti are eternally intertwined, inseparable, in each of us, as the movement of experience and the silent witness.

Vishnu is the maintainer of life, he is the abode of prayer. It is Vishnu that gives *illusion the feeling of *reality.

When the Gayatri Mantra is uttered it rests between Vishnu and Shiva. "Ignite the fire of realization", that all may know that our true nature is beyond the illusion and within the experience at once.


* The Yogic meaning of illusion is "impermanence".

* The Yogic meaning of reality is "stable and unchanging".


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The Bee and the Lotus


Playing time 1h20

Order code D02

Sitting under her tree, near the holy river Ganga, ShantiMayi speaks about all the dimensions of the Master-disciple relationship, living from the heart and the art of surrender.
   This video contains also a beautiful Christmas celebration with ShantiMayi’s Master Swami Hans Raj Maharajji. After this celebration thousands of flowers are offered to the river Ganga for the blessings of all.
   “The story of ‘the bee and the lotus’ tells how it is to be with a Master; some can see, some can not see. But when you are willing and therefore able to see the beauty of the lotus, then you drink the nectar, then you can feel the sweetness inside of yourself.

This is the point, to come inside of yourself, to realize yourself: this lotus, this nectar, this golden heart”. ~ShantiMayi~

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Five Gurus High

The Sacha Lineage of Gurus


Playing time 1h26

Order code D03

Finding an Enlightened Master is a miracle. This miracle becomes even greater when that Master ShantiMayi lives with her own Guru, Swami Hans Raj Maharajji, in Rishikesh India. Experiencing her deep love for him and for us is a great blessing. But as Maharajji on his turn starts speaking and singing about his own master Sacha Baba, it is like two mirrors reflecting each other: eternity is reflected.

This video shows all the dimensions of the mystery of the Master - disciple relation. What are the signs of a True Master, who is your Guru and who is not? It also enlightens the art of surrender.


"People worry: Oh, I don't want to surrender to the Guru, this is a very frightening thing! But it turns the whole world into the Guru, making surrender your greatest friend. It gives you deep relaxation and an absolute utter clarity about life. Then, you don't mind surrendering. It is what I do not want in the first place that I surrender away: my arrogance, my conditioned identities, my pain and sorrow. The Guru is only asking you to surrender your baggage”. (ShantiMayi)

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The River Ganga Sutra

ShantiMayi speaks about the blessings of the holy river Ganga (Ganges)

for this planet and especially in her own life.


Playing time 1h05

Order code D04

This video shows the Ganga in different moods as well as the people living with Her.


“Ganga has a very special place on the earth.

She has been worshipped for hundreds of thousands of years.

Anything that gets this kind of attention maintains a holiness.

She looks like a river, but she is not. She is a Goddess.


I give prayers to Ganga requesting that she supports

everything that I do (for the whole planet).

And she says every time: "yes, yes, yes, yes”.


So what does it mean to worship a river or the sun or the moon? Well it just means that you are closer and closer to God, inside yourself. Because everything is God anyhow”.



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Turning the World back to God

Interview with Maharajji

ShantiMayi's Quest

Visit to His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Playing time 1h31

Order code D05

-The video begins with an interview with Hans Raj Maharajji, ShantiMayi’s Master, in Sacha Dham Ashram, Rishikesh, India. Maharajji speaks about how He met his Master, and what happened from that on. He also speaks about the essence of ShantiMayi’s work for the world at large.

-ShantiMayi speaks about the new phase of her work, and we will follow her to several places such as Terre de Sacha, Her ashram in France; we will be chanting in the ancient abbey of Serrabonne and the cathar castle of Peyrepertuse, all in the French Pyrenees. We will follow ShantiMayi to La Gomera (Canary islands) and make a boat trip to the dolphins.

-Dharmsala (India): visit to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

-Glastonbury (England): tree planting and a stop at a crop circle.


"It's a very special time on our planet.

Many people feel that something is occurring in the world...a change a big change. We are standing at the edge of a cliff and either we are going to fly or we will just fall off.

A transformation of consciousness is necessary and is occurring.

The foundation of this transformation of consciousness is the Gayatri Mantra.

We know this time to be difficult and dark and yet it is a time of awakening on earth, a grand opportunity to touch ourselves in a way like we have never touched ourselves before as a true and beneficial humanity, as a real global family.

It is a time of renaissance, another "golden age" is emerging". ~ShantiMayi~


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Right in the Center of the Eye

Satsang with ShantiMayi - January 1996 India.


Playing time 1h05

Order code D07

ShantiMayi speaks about basic questions as:

-Why do we need a (living) master?

-What is the meaning of a spiritual name? –

-What is a Mantra?


Aim right in the Centre of the Eye.

The blessings of the Great Beings, who are now disembodied are always supporting and guiding every being who cares to discover their heart of hearts .

Grace is ever flowing from those Masters who have once touched the earth,

and have touched your heart.

Those graceful blessings never, never cease to flow.

They knew themselves to be eternal.

They know you to be eternal.

and so it is.



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