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The Matter of the Heart Sangha

A Worldwide Net of Diamond Beings

The Matter of the Heart Sangha was formed in 1992 and was inspired by ShantiMayi's Guru Sri Hansraj Maharajji. Matter of the Heart was also the name of Zen Master Banki's Zendo.
This net of men, women and children who chant the Gayatri Mantra are of every age and are members of every country, race and religion. Those who make up the body of the sangha have been initiated by ShantiMayi into the sangha. This sangha transgresses all borders and factions. Therefore many people who are of different spiritual teachings are aligned as one Matter of the Heart Sangha.

The diamond beings who chant this heart-felt mantra, gather all of the universe in their prayer, uniting divisions and healing the pain of isolation with Gayatri's verse. They chant the mantra because they love to. Whatever may result from their participation and service to the greater wisdom of humanity, well, that is left to destiny, the grace that the Gayatri Mantra bestows and the apparent progression of time.

We are dedicated because this Matter of the Heart Sangha understands that a human is indeed capable of the finest spiritual and creative excellence, the greatest love and deepest wisdom. We offer this prayer from our conviction and with a humble intention to awaken all sentient beings forever and ever.

From ShantiMayi's book about the Gayatri Mantra

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