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Spiritual teachings by ShantiMayi



In 1988, spiritual teacher ShantiMayi met her Master,

Hansraj Maharajji in Rishikesh,

a majestic and wise yet simple Indian man.

In 1991, under the guidance of her master she awakened to the Truth.


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The difference between Awareness and Consciousness

Satsang with ShantiMayi Sacha Dham, India - Feb 1, 2003

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Love is Enlightened Awareness

Satsang with ShantiMayi Sacha Dham, India - Feb 12, 2003

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This is not a casual affair

 Satsang with ShantiMayi Sacha Dham, India - Jan 14, 2003

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A human experience

Satsang with ShantiMayi Sacha Dham, India - Jan 31, 2005



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“People sometimes say: “I feel so vulnerable, I am so vulnerable here”. And it makes people very nervous that they are vulnerable. But in fact this is a wonderful indication, to feel vulnerable. That’s the place where you can get really strong; actual that’s a place where you need to get really strong.


   The sense of vulnerability is that 'I am not in control'.

It is a very good sense, because in actuality you are not in control. You are not out of control either.


   When you feel vulnerable, is really a true and honest feeling: to feel subject to everything. Vulnerability shows you where you need really to surrender and to be open to whatever happens”


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Subtle paths of Enlightenment

Satsangs with ShantiMayi.  January 9 & 13 - 2003 Sacha Dham, India


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“My prayer is that you, yourself burn in the desire for enlightened awareness. Lay your heart wide open, like the horizon across the earth, across the ocean, just wide open, and let everything walk in and out, every one, every situation.

Open your mind and lay to rest all of your opinions and all of your negativity and all of your divisions and all of your measurements between you and others.

You will be pursuing what is already yours. You will be journeying a long way home, deeply home, bottomless home, endlessly home”.



 Subtle paths of Enlightenment (satsang)



 Om Purnamadah (mantra)



 This is Perfect, That is Perfect (satsang)



 Jay Jay Jay Gananayaka (mantra)


Total playing time 70:00


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1. Subtle Paths of Enlightenment

3. This is Perfect, That is Perfect

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The Challenge of Love

Satsang with ShantiMayi Sacha Dham, India - Jan 15 & Feb 11, 2003


Order code S12

In this satsang ShantiMayi shows us clearly what love truly is. ShantiMayi enlightens all our misconceptions about love; misconceptions which causes us so much misery and pain.


We have the choice to live with transparent and clear eyes, or we can obscure our view with hatred and division.


She says: “If there is anything that we have to do, it is to understand what love really is. You cannot satisfy anyone, nor can anyone satisfy you. You have to be all the things you would want for yourself”.

Total playing time 79 min.

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Challenge of Love Track 6

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The Doors of Perception

You cannot buy Enlightenment


Satsang with ShantiMayi Sacha Dham, India - January 6&11, 2005

Chanting: Swami Chetan Jyoti


Order code S11

The Doors of Perception

"When we became self-interested and greedy, that is when the doors of perception and dimensions that we used to be able to walk through, closed. Those doors are not locked, they can open anytime when you will move to your heart. You have to be patient..... and go there again again and again..."


You cannot buy Enlightenment

"There is no way that you are spiritually going to blossom unless you are participating in your spirituality. Look in the mirror of the depths of your heart, and unless you go there, nothing is going to happen. And there is nothing that is going to make that happen, not money, not time, not going to India...nothing... "


1. Doors of perception 13:18

2. You cannot buy enlightenment 17:25

3. Last poem of Tulsidas (bhajan) with epilogue ShantiMayi 38:40

Total playing time 69:30

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1. Doors of Perception

2 You cannot buy Enlightenment

3 Last poem of Tulsidas

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ShantiMayi's "Better than Books" series.




Order codes:

Complete set of 4 CDs:


Love is Love:


Relationships are really One:


I am aware I am:


Surrender to freedom:



Beautiful teachings on love, freedom, and self- awareness

...in an accessible question-and-answer format.

4-CD set, or you may buy the CDs individually.

Part 1: Love is Love. "...the great yogis have found that it is not so important to be loved as it is to know what love is, and just to love. To see it everywhere and to define it only as my life experience. Then wherever the eyes rest, one can see love."

Part 2: Relationships are really One. "Question: ShantiMayi, in this lifetime I am committed to Realization. I want to know my true nature, and I feel as though I cannot do this with a partner....Can you shed some light on it and tell me what is your view. Must I be alone?"

Part 3: I am aware I am. "...the truth is not wavering. It cannot come out of balance. It is always in balance...it is not as though one day you will intuit your true nature and then the next day it is gone."

Part 4: Surrender to freedom. "Surrender is handing over all that is false and erroneous in your life. What can that be? Your pain, your suffering, your feeling small or way too big. Your concern about what everyone thinks and not knowing what YOU think...surrender means to render yourself free."

4-CD set costs EUR 65.00. Or individual CDs EUR 18.00 each.

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Better then Books 1a Love is Love

Better then Books 2a Relationships are really One

Better then Books 3a I am aware I am

Better then Books 4a Surrender to Freedom


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Lankavatara Sutra Series




Order codes:


Complete set of  3 CDs


Part 1: The egolessness of all things


Part 2: The dreamlike nature of existence


Part 3: The discriminating mind


ShantiMayi speaks on the Lankavatara Sutra.

"A Greater Possibility to Grasp Nothing at All".

An in-depth study of the three qualities mentioned in this sutra.

A 3-CD set, also available as individual CDs.


3-CD set costs EUR 50.00. Or individual CDs EUR 18.00 each.

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Lankavatara Sutra 1


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Desert Message: ShantiMayi speaks from Sinai.

Order code: S10

"I would like to share with you some of our experience, here in the realm of silence, this place, where prophets came to reflect, to prophesize, came to look inside.

"Being here, it is not difficult to know why this place was chosen. The beauty is astounding, the silence is deafening, the simplicity is stark.

"The desert is a lover of the solar sun, and though it appears to be lifeless, it is brimming with life, and its message is as obvious and as receivable as though sitting in front of a great sage in silence."



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Desert Message


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