Book "In Our Hearts We Know" by ShantiMayi

 InOurHeartsWe Know

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This book is the 2nd edition to the book titled Secrets of the Heart. In Our Hearts We Know, by ShantiMayi, is an in-depth exploration of the wisdom of the Heart. It is based on transcripts of her public talks in Sacha Dham Ashram, India where thousands of people from across the globe come searching for inner Truth, love and joy in a world that is constantly changing and tends to focus on the superficial and divisive aspects of humanity. ShantiMayi always directs people back to the wisdom of their hearts. The text provides arrows, practically pointing the reader inwards to the Divine Essence that resides within all. The book transmits through the written word what is beyond words. Excerpt: Truth dwells within us...within everyone and everything...eternally here and now. Everyone comes to this planet illuminated, and everyone has a sage within that holds that illumination forever. The fortunate realize this and cherish it as the only true value in our lives. This way of the heart just might, bit-by-bit shift the entire consciousness of the planet.

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