Gayatri Mantra


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  1. Ganesha Mantra
  2. Gayatri Mantra 108 (4x27)
  3. Silent meditation
  4. Om Asatoma Satgamaya
  5. Tayata (Medicine Buddha Mantra)
  6. Gaté gaté
  7. Om Sarabe Bhavantu
  8. Om Purnamadah
  9. Om Shri Sacha



This CD contains audio tracks of the Gayatri Mantra spiritual practice (sadhana) as described in the book 'Gayatri Mantra' by ShantiMayi. The CD includes a booklet with the original text and translation of the Sacha Sadhana as it is done in India. This CD is very wonderful to chant alone or with a group.


Studio recording by the Sacha Sangha.

Listen to an audio sample of this CD: 

Tr 1 Ganesha Mantra

Tr 2 Gayatri Mantra   

Tr 6 Gate Gate