Celestial Harmony

of the Sun, Moon and Aquarius


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The Gayatri mantra is an invocation of the Sun (Savitur). It works with precise frequencies and meter. This is the same with the Celestial Harmony music CD, which is based on the precise frequencies and rhythms of the Sun, Moon and Aquarius.

This music brings us more into harmony with our self, others and the cosmos. In this way our relationships with others also become clearer.

 Through an integration of our male (Sun) and female side (Moon), contradictions and tensions dissolve. We become stronger inside, and are better prepared to the challenges of the world. We experience complete relaxation, which leads to silent meditation.
Several of these music tracks contain brain hemisphere synchronization waves (for the synchronization of the right and left hemispheres of the brain).
Some tracks contain alpha waves for relaxation, meditation and creativity. Also for learning or work in which information has to be absorbed. Other tracks contain theta waves for deep relaxation and meditation, also for inspiration. The self-healing capacity is increased and the resistance to diseases becomes stronger.

Listen to audio samples of this CD:
Celestial Harmony, Track 1
Celestial Harmony, Track 2
Celestial Harmony, Track 3