Chakra Resonances

Precise Healing and Cleansing Frequencies


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This music includes the precise resonances of each of the seven chakras. Through its deep, noticeable working, the energy is enabled to naturally flow freely, by which blockages are removed to make place for the energy of life."


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1st Chakra: The Root Chakra
4th Chakra: The Heart
6th Chakra: The Third Eye

ShantiMayi speaks on Chakras:

"If you want to develop chakras, you must start with the heart. The heart connects everything, the heart is the root.
If your sexuality, your root chakra, is not connected to the heart, it is useless, this kind of sexual expression is dangerous. If your intuition is not connected with the heart, well that's impossible. If your speech is not connected to the heart, it's a shame.
Unless you have developed the heart, developed means open and clear and an ability to listen to your heart, not your emotions, not your attractions, but your heart. Then when you can hear your heart, your third eye opens to a unified sight.
Unless you have a sight that all is One, only One eye, not the eye split and fragmented into millions and billions of particles eternally, but one eye that supports and maintains and reabsorbs the millions and billions of particles eternally. So if you don't have this developed from the root of the heart, then it is literally impossible to bloom into or beyond One-sighted-ness.
Because that One will not have any meaning whatsoever.
That is a very silent maturity, Oneness is the gateway to awakening. But...awakening does not claim one or two or zero. So, unless the heart is developed, open, all of the arrogance has drained out, all of the self-concern has drained out, none of the other (chakra) systems really work.
So, if you want to develop your chakras or something like that, then just open your heart, because it is your heart that is your True Authority."

ShantiMayi, February 1999, India-Rishikesh, Sachadham