The True Earth (Terre de Sacha)
& Dawn of Time


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The True Earth (Terre de Sacha)
This music contains the sounds of the Earth, Mars and Aquarius with brain hemisphere synchronization theta wave sounds on some portions of the track. This music connects you with the power of the Earth, enabling you to stand with more clarity and confidence in your daily life.
The brain hemisphere synchronization waves are used to synchronize the right and left side of the brain and consist of theta waves for relaxation, meditation and inspiration. The rational part of the brain is (re)aligned with the intuition.
The self-healing capacity and physical –and mental resistance are strengthened.
& Dawn of Time
This music expresses the creation of our solar system.
You are carried back to the primordial energy, from which the whole creation came into existence. Time: 30 min.
Because this is a very strong energy, we recommend that before hearing this track, you should listen several times to ‘The True Earth’ or other resonance music (Celestial Harmony or Chakra Resonances, see above)


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True Earth Track 1
True Earth Track 2
True Earth Track 4
Dawn of Time