Subtle paths of Enlightenment

Satsangs with ShantiMayi.  January 9 & 13 - 2003 Sacha Dham, India


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“My prayer is that you, yourself burn in the desire for enlightened awareness. Lay your heart wide open, like the horizon across the earth, across the ocean, just wide open, and let everything walk in and out, every one, every situation.

Open your mind and lay to rest all of your opinions and all of your negativity and all of your divisions and all of your measurements between you and others.

You will be pursuing what is already yours. You will be journeying a long way home, deeply home, bottomless home, endlessly home”.

1 Subtle paths of Enlightenment (satsang) 40:12
2 Om Purnamadah (mantra) 00:19
3 This is Perfect, That is Perfect (satsang) 21:17
4 Jay Jay Jay Gananayaka (mantra) 07:49
Total playing time 70:00


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1. Subtle Paths of Enlightenment
3. This is Perfect, That is Perfect