The Doors of Perception
You cannot buy Enlightenment

Satsang with ShantiMayi Sacha Dham, India - January 6&11, 2005
Chanting: Swami Chetan Jyoti


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The Doors of Perception

"When we became self-interested and greedy, that is when the doors of perception and dimensions that we used to be able to walk through, closed. Those doors are not locked, they can open anytime when you will move to your heart. You have to be patient..... and go there again again and again..."
You cannot buy Enlightenment

"There is no way that you are spiritually going to blossom unless you are participating in your spirituality. Look in the mirror of the depths of your heart, and unless you go there, nothing is going to happen. And there is nothing that is going to make that happen, not money, not time, not going to India...nothing... "

1. Doors of perception 13:18
2. You cannot buy enlightenment 17:25
3. Last poem of Tulsidas (bhajan) with epilogue ShantiMayi 38:40

Total playing time 69:30


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