Everything is for your Awakening

Satsang with ShantiMayi - May 18, 1998 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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ShantiMayi speaks on the three qualities of awakening:
1) To see the egoless-ness of all things.
2) To see the ephemeral, dreamlike quality of life.
3) To give up your split, discriminating mind.
Any of this three qualities seen spontaneously (by grace) or by process (learning) will also ignite the other qualities.
ShantiMayi speaks further about:
- The mantra Om Purnamadah... (This is perfect...)
- You are always what you are seeking.
- Silence is a very good Master.
- Karma.
- To see in difficult times that grace is in your life.
- The meaning of a spiritual name.
- Learning so much by observing your Master.
- The need for a living Master and taking one teaching.
- The great relation between Guru and disciple that leaves all sense of duality behind.
- Let nothing disturb your self-realization.
- Everything is for your awaking.
- Learning from a child.


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