The Bee and the Lotus


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 Sitting under her tree, near the holy river Ganga, ShantiMayi speaks about all the dimensions of the Master-disciple relationship, living from the heart and the art of surrender.
   This video contains also a beautiful Christmas celebration with ShantiMayi’s Master Swami Hans Raj Maharajji. After this celebration thousands of flowers are offered to the river Ganga for the blessings of all.
   “The story of ‘the bee and the lotus’ tells how it is to be with a Master; some can see, some can not see. But when you are willing and therefore able to see the beauty of the lotus, then you drink the nectar, then you can feel the sweetness inside of yourself.
This is the point, to come inside of yourself, to realize yourself: this lotus, this nectar, this golden heart”. ~ShantiMayi~