The Love that fills the Sky

Satsang with ShantiMayi - January 12, 1998 India.

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ShantiMayi talks on:
-The love that fills the sky, all of space and is always present.
-Love burns everything away.
-That what you are, is always untouched.
-How not to react in situations: just remain in the heart.
-You will have to come to a space, where nothing can disturb you.
-Seeing God in everything.
-Grace working in your life. The three kinds of grace.
It is grace that brings you into that insightful moment, when you say: "Yes, now this is my challenge", rather then: "I am beaten down again".
Grace is the one that always turns the view to something very useful.
When your self-concern has just drained out of you,
this is when grace is really blooming like a rose.