The River Ganga Sutra

ShantiMayi speaks about the blessings of the holy river Ganga (Ganges)
for this planet and especially in her own life.

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This video shows the Ganga in different moods as well as the people living with Her “Ganga has a very special place on the earth.
She has been worshipped for hundreds of thousands of years.
Anything that gets this kind of attention maintains a holiness.
She looks like a river, but she is not. She is a Goddess.
I give prayers to Ganga requesting that she supports
everything that I do (for the whole planet).
And she says every time: "yes, yes, yes, yes”.
So what does it mean to worship a river or the sun or the moon? Well it just means that you are closer and closer to God, inside yourself. Because everything is God anyhow”.