The Cosmic Dance of Shiva

The three Lords of existence:
Brahma the creator
Vishnu the maintainer
Shiva the destroyer

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The three visible and invisible qualities, which seem to bring forth the appearance, the illusion, we call life. Why do we say that life is an illusion? Because it has the characteristic of being created, maintained and destroyed in all of its aspects eternally. It is the Shiva quality in us that begins to question: "Who am I, really? Is there something which is eternal within me?" It is the Shiva in all of us, that delivers us (by way of grace and unconditional love) into the silent and subtle realization that we are in essence, what we are searching for.
Shiva is the destroyer, the destroyer of ignorance.
Shakti, Shiva's consort, is the dance of life, she is the emergence, the form and movement, she is the energy, the illusion itself. Shiva and Shakti are eternally intertwined, inseparable, in each of us, as the movement of experience and the silent witness.
Vishnu is the maintainer of life, he is the abode of prayer. It is Vishnu that gives *illusion the feeling of *reality.

When the Gayatri Mantra is uttered it rests between Vishnu and Shiva. "Ignite the fire of realization", that all may know that our true nature is beyond the illusion and within the experience at once.


* The Yogic meaning of illusion is "impermanence".
* The Yogic meaning of reality is "stable and unchanging".