The Etherial Flower

Satsang with ShantiMayi in Her garden - February 21, 1998 India.

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ShantiMayi speaks on:
-Being truly with a Master.
-How can a disciple be certain that the Master is fully realized?
-Realizing grace in your life.
-How to find trust in God, when you don't trust others.
-Everything in life is for you, nothing is against you.
-What to do in difficult situations, handling problems and pain.
Being with me doesn't mean that you have to be at my feet all the time. With me means that you are realizing your Self Nature and this is why you are here. Constantly realizing that what you really wish to understand is your true nature and that this is already there. That this doesn't have to be developed or sought after, you can't attain it. To truly be with the Master means to truly be with one's Self, one's own Master, one's inner Guru. One who is developing... towards his Mastership, not just hanging around.
"I AM my own authority, I AM my own Master and my Guru is always, always supporting it."