Five Gurus High

The Sacha lineage of Curus

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Finding an Enlightened Master is a miracle. This miracle becomes even greater when that Master ShantiMayi lives with her own Guru, Swami Hans Raj Maharajji, in Rishikesh India. Experiencing her deep love for him and for us is a great blessing. But as Maharajji on his turn starts speaking and singing about his own master Sacha Baba, it is like two mirrors reflecting each other: eternity is reflected.

This video shows all the dimensions of the mystery of the Master - disciple relation. What are the signs of a True Master, who is your Guru and who is not? It also enlightens the art of surrender.

"People worry: Oh, I don't want to surrender to the Guru, this is a very frightening thing! But it turns the whole world into the Guru, making surrender your greatest friend. It gives you deep relaxation and an absolute utter clarity about life. Then, you don't mind surrendering. It is what I do not want in the first place that I surrender away: my arrogance, my conditioned identities, my pain and sorrow. The Guru is only asking you to surrender your baggageā€¯. (ShantiMayi)