Maya. The Dreamlike Nature of Life

Satsang with ShantiMayi - January 10, 1998 India

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ShantiMayi speaks on the Lankavatara Sutra about
the three qualities of awakening:
1) To see the egoless ness in all things.
2) To see life for its dreamlike nature.
3) Letting go of the discriminating, split mind
Other subjects touched on this video:
- Four steps to awakening in the Indian culture.
- The difference between enlightenment and the raising of the Kundalini.
- Abiding in the I.
- Watching the mind, no identification.
- Difference between surrender and giving yourself away.
“Rumi said: "Before I see anything I see God". It is something to put in the pocket of your heart. One has to see harmony in all things, before one can truly see. Even chaos is a part of that harmony. And even ‘that’ which we think of as ego is a part of that. That pure conscious awareness swallows up all these identities completely.”


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